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Whatever your staffing needs, we can help you improve the way you do business with innovative and targeted solutions.

- Executive Search
- Permanent Placement
- Temporary Placement
- Temporary-To-Permanent Placement
- Contract Placement
- Contract-To-Permanent Placement
- Payroll Services

No Risks
30-Day Guarantee

We provide a hassle-free 30-day guarantee on placements. Should any placement leave or be terminated during the guarantee period, we will offer a replacement free of any additional charges or a full refund. You get what you pay for!


Contract Placement

We have worked with contractual technical workers and management staffs for years, and have now a varied pool of skilled technicians and experiened staff. The period of contract may range from short term to extended ones lasting the entire duration of your project. Whatever your contract staffing needs are, we can accommodate you.


Contract-To-Permanent Placement

When you find yourself in a situation between a contractual and permanent hiring need, this may be ideal for you. Under this option, a candidate is placed with you on contract for a predetermined duration. After the term, you may offer the candidate a permanent position. This service allows you to try out the candidate on a contractual basis before offering a permanent position.


Executive Search

Our search professional acts as a consultant to and an extension of your company in this exercise, which is often considered the most demanding and comprehensive of all recruiting.

We profile and identify candidates who meet your specifications, and who will also become valued additions to your corporate team. Our goal is to secure you a producer who will contribute optimum returns, like a valuable investment.


Payroll Services

This programme offers you invaluable convenience and efficiency as well as many creative opportunities in your hiring.

For companies without a personnel department, we act like an outsourced human resource function. We handle all personnel matters including preparation of contract documents such as appointment, confirmation and termination; calculation of monthly payroll including overtime, bonuses, incentives, claims and commissions; monthly statutory contributions such as EPF and SOCSO; updating staff records on medical and annual leave; preparation of salary slips and payment of salaries; and annual statutory reports such as CP39, CP38, CP22 and EA forms.

This service is also useful for companies employing temporary or contract staff for a short duration. Matchlink will place your candidates on our payroll for a specified period or indefinitely, saving you the administrative hassle of documenting transient staff. 


Permanent Placement

When your company's growth plans demand additional full time staff, you can either handle the extra work yourself (which takes time and costs) … or look to us for a convenient yet professional solution.

Our consultants will get the job specifications, and note your corporate culture and any special needs of your business. They will then conduct the entire job search on your behalf. They will screen candidates, test their skills and abilities, and conduct a personal interview before recommending suitable ones to you. This minimizes time wastage at your end. Our services are also risk-free because all placements carry a 100% guarantee within the first month of employment.


Temporary Placement

One of the jewels in our crown! Through the years, we have built a base of skilled, responsible and reliable temporary workers, who can fit easily and quickly into new positions. This option is excellent for times when you have an unexpected surge in business or leaves of absence, seasonal peaks, and special promotions.

We repeat: we offer you only skilled and thoroughly screened individuals who are ready and able to assist in even the most demanding positions. What's more, we personally check the work attendance of every temp deployed, every day.


Temporary-To-Permanent Placement

This option recognizes that you may need to recruit for a position but wish to preview a candidate's skills, abilities and interaction with others on-the-job before offering a full time permanent position. We will conduct the entire job search and refer candidates who are interested in the temporary-to-permanent position.

A placement guarantee is not offered with this service because you have had time to evaluate the candidate's performance on-the-job before making the permanent job offer.